Really pleased to see the new single available to buy on line. I’ve been banging on a lot recently about the new AFC Wimbledon single on which I have two songs. Blue Blood Veins and The Greatest Story. Really pleased to see the single is now available to buy on the Wimbledon in Sporting History – WiSH website. Money raised by the single goes to WiSHs charitable works a great cause. Grab yourself a copy. The cd also includes an Official Wombling song and bonus tracks featuring the AFC squad.

If you’re worried about the ‘footie’ theme dont be. My aim was to try and create songs relevant to AFC but more – You’ll Never Walk Alone than Nice One Cyril !! Lol. I also took some inspiration from WH Auden who wrote a song for my old school Raynes Park High School. Auden wrote about spirit, empowerment and belonging and it’s thoses themes which I hope I’ve captured in the context of these songs and AFC Wimbledon’s second coming! Having supported Wimbledon for the best part of 50 years I hope you forgive me for saying that I think I have captured something of our spirit.

The songs were recorded with the help of Andy and James Gibbons lifelong AFC fans. It is heartbreaking that Andy passed away before hearing the full final version of Blue Blood Veins on which he and James help out on backing vocals. Andy was a good mate and will be greatly missed. Local musicians and club owners Hannah White and Keiron Marshall also help out with backing vocals. Hannah and Keiron run the Sound Lounge in Sutton where I also run a monthly Americana night featuring local acts as well as some from more far afield. So all in all a sort of famy affair. I hope you enjoy them.