I have a new collection of 8 songs about to be released to the world via CDBaby. I’d been out walking with camera in hand and my plan was to try and take one photo for each of the new songs. It shouldn’t have been difficuly but it was. But this pic seems to say so much about the collection but in particulary the song ‘What happened to freedom’ that it has become the CD cover photo and the photo for the online songs. I’ll be posting links to the songs very shortly in the meantime this is me singing an early version of the title track during and internet live stream last year. At that time lyrics were still developing, the last verse hadnt been written and the song even had a different name! LOL The collection even includes one or two happy songs. The track listing is as follow:

What happened to freedom, The Strength of a Woman, Set the children free, The Rooks and the Ravens, The Robin, Look upon my life, Highways Cities and Motorway Towns and He sees me.